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     The object of this website is to present all the national championship winners of speedway countries, major and minor, if not on one sheet then on one website at least.  Results of other important speedway competitions which have been collated over time are also to be found here, as per tabs left. (For advise on viewing the tables see below.) 
        Championship venues have also been included in the tables alongside most of the data. This helps on occasions where ambiguity may exist to aid clarification, such as in the case of South African and Australia, and their multiplicity of national champions, pre- and post-war. So as not to lose the outcome of much hard work on the part of several enthusiasts, the comprehensive data from these two countries have been given their own pages, not merely to save other speedway historians the trawl, but to justify the inclusion of all riders that otherwise would appear overlooked but whose names are readily cited when referring to the early pioneers. Unless otherwise stated, such as for early Australian titles and present day Youth/Junior classes, only 500cc class winners are addressed. (See footnotes to 'Major Champs' table.)

     In some countries the national licensing body has changed over time, not all with FIM affiliation. Notwithstanding, championships under the auspices of the controlling authorities recognized by the sport within its country are used and included here. In the USA at least two authorities co-exist. Hence two national championships are run yet riders are able to participate in both competitions with impunity. Mssrs. Hamill and Janniro have each been winners of both AMA and SRA national speedway titles in the same year on a number of occasions. The US champions listed in the main table of this website for the years since the present duality (from 1998 onward) are those of the current FIM-affiliated body, the American Motorcyclist Association, (AMA). Detail of other US champions are given on the America page.

     The ultimate speedway champion is, of course the World Champion, and though widely available on many sites and publications, the list of speedway World Champions is also included here, for completeness and in recognition of those riders' achievements. Under the FIM categorization of 'Track Racing', and having much commonality of riders and machinery within the sports, the Speedway World Championships' 1-2-3s are supplemented with the Long Track and Ice Racing World 1-2-3s.
     Further pages, giving National championship winners for
Ice Racing, Long Track, Grass Track, (these latter two sports are common on the international front,) Sidecar Speedway and Flat Track Racing are presented, so that a single reference point for all 'Track Racing' disciplines is again achieved on one website. (Being seemingly unrecorded anywhere else, Sidecar Tests Matches and Internationals have also been researched and collated, and are to be found as 'p.2' of that sitepage.)

    Finally, though primarily about individual rider championship competitions, tables of the league championship winning teams and runners-up are included for each of the 90-plus years that team racing has operated in the UK, and for a number of other European speedway nations since their introduction, post-war, to league racing.

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  Sept 2019: Tables have been changed from Scribd to PDFs for viewing via thumbnail images. Simply click on the small image for full screen display, and enlarge as required by the +/- option. (A few simple tables are of sufficient size not to need PDF and can be read direct.)

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