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     A supporter of Cradley Heath plus Birmingham since childhood, having most involvement there during the '60s and '70s, and a Peterborough follower in the '00s until the re-emergence of the Heathens in 2010,  with an interest in speedway history, data and stats.
     This website aims to present all the national championship winners of speedway countries, major and minor, if not on one sheet then on one website at least. In addition to national title-holders, Youth and Junior champions, - U21, U15, YGT, etc. - , State and regional champs, - Australia, USA, UK - , and many other trophy winners such as Match Race Champions have also been included, as well as associated track racing, viz Long Track, Grass Track and Ice Racing.  Unless otherwise stated, such as for early Australian titles and present day Youth/Junior classes, only 500cc class winners are addressed. 



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                The significant contributions from David Austin are gratefully acknowledged plus the help
                       of the following individuals:-
Ken Brown, Bob Bath, Neil Burston, Vic Butcher, John Chaplin, Brian Collins, Ryan Evans,
Ross Garrigan, Jim Henry, Mike Hunter, Peter Hunter, Norman Jacobs, Phil Johnson,
Holger Jurk, Søren Kjær, Vlada Kovar, Duncan Luke, Ken McLeod,
Tjerk Ploeg
Robert Rudiak, John Somerville, Roger Stevens, Dave Stone,
Malcom Vasey, Tony Webb, Christian Weber.

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